Mantra Monday: Conscience Is The Voice Of The Soul

Try Christmas Shopping With A Conscience

Buy gifts this year without harming our planet and the people on it.

Christmas is right around the corner and if you’re like me, you still have plenty of shopping left to do. You could say I’m a bit of a procrastinator but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a conscience when it comes to purchasing products and services that align with my values.  I also have limited time to find companies that make products (or provide services) that provide value to our human race. So how can I do this well? Check out these two companies to help you shop 'til you drop:

There’s a few companies out there on the cusp of being the "Google" of socially responsible products and services. One company, Aspiration provides their customers a checking account with a twist. They provide information on the companies their customers are buying from.  Meaning, with each purchase made using their Aspiration checking account the customer is given two scores: a “people score” based on employee pay and workforce diversity, and a “planet score” referring to the vendor’s carbon footprint.  Then Aspiration gives the customer scores from comparable companies.

Need to buy something for a holiday party or dinner? HowGood is a company that has made some noise within the food industry. Alexander Gillett, chief executive said, 

”People are interested in voting with their dollars, and supporting companies that share their values.” 

The company’s current mission is to rank the sustainability of food products based in your local grocery store based on different data points ranging from labor practices to chemical usage. HowGood says the companies that are following sustainable practices see an increase in sales and that pushes other vendors to move toward incorporating “green” or ethical practices into their business to raise their HowGood rating.

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