Ethical Investing Now Has Animal Cruelty Criteria

New non-profit rates publicly-traded companies based on animal exploitation.

More and more individuals are becoming concerned about what companies are getting their investment dollars.  Big brands have noticed moving many to start initiatives that support "ethical" practices.  When a consumer invests in these kind of companies that's known as socially responsible, ethical or impact investing. Under ethical investing ethos, brands must adhere to specific “ESG” or environmental, social and governance benchmarks.

Until last week, there wasn't any socially responsible investing criteria relating to companies and their exploitation of animals.  Cruelty Free Investing is the non-profit research group leading the way reviewing all publicly traded companies then putting them in one of two lists: companies that exploit animal and ones that don’t.  Out of the 4,911 companies researched, 73% were NOT exploiting animals but that still leaves about 27% that do.  All public companies can be found on Cruelty Free’s website, just simply click on the company you're curious about to see what list they fall under.

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