Startup Finds Replacement For Disposable Plastic Products

Starch Is The New Plastic...But In A Good Way

You know those little gelatin like drops in tapioca pudding and boba drinks? Well, one new startup is using starch which is actually derived from the cassava root to create eco-friendly products. Avani Eco, is the name of company you will want to remember. The Indonesian based company has launched a line of fully compostable and biodegradable products that will dissolve within 180 days. 

Avani Eco has now been credited with reducing more than 200 tons of plastic from Indonesia in 2017 and is on track to smash that record fivefold. Other countries like Sri Lanka and Kenya seem to be following suit by banning the use of plastic in disposable products like bags.

"Every day you wake up there is a new city or country that is actually taking this matter very seriously and actually banning plastic."

We here at Balance know of schools, universities, and even cities that have various recycling or compostable laws and regulations, but that don't have a way to process, or biodegrade what they are collecting. Seems absurd. Hopefully a solution like this is on the near horizon!

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