MF of the week: Equifax...

We dropped the ball on this weeks MF Monday, as the Balance team was at a conference and away from our desks, but there was a situation we were all still griping about, so our MF Monday this week stands, even if it is a MF Wednesday...

By now we've all heard about the Equifax hack that has left half the population vulnerable to credit or even identity fraud. 

There are more allegations swirling around that Equifax didn't take security seriously enough in terms of annual expenditures or complexity (see example here), and also that senior ranking officials dumped the stock after the fraud was found, but before telling the public, making them millions of dollars (see that example here). This has us pissed, making Equifax our MF of the week.

Josh Constine over at Tech Crunch wrote an article about what we're all thinking thanks to their egregious ball drop, titled...

"We're All Equif*cked."

Thanks for reading our minds Josh.

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