Tyrannical Tuesday: Avanir Pharmaceuticals

We Nominate Avanir Pharmaceuticals for a Black Company Award

In Japan, a group of activists and journalists get together every year to announce 10 companies nominated for the annual Black Company Award.  Only this is an award that no one would want.  The award calls attention to companies’ participating in shady business practices.  So in the spirit of our friends in Japan, we here at Balance are starting a weekly post to call out some of the worst offenders right here in the good ol' USA. Our very first offender, Avanir has been very successful at getting doctors to over prescribe their new little red pill called "Nuedexta". The FDA-approved pill is used to treat an uncommon disorder that causes uncontrollable laughing and crying which can be linked with people that also suffer from dementia or Alzheimers. According to data provided by Avair, the disorder is prevalent in as little as 1% of Americans yet they are bringing home the bacon to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars by targeting some of America's most vulnerable. 

"Since 2012, more than half of all Nuedexta pills have gone to long-term care facilities. The number of pills rose to roughly 14 million in 2016, a jump of nearly 400% in just four years."

The pharmaceutical company has even declared they have not studied the usage in elder patients adequately, but has no problem paying physicians to prescribe their new drug to these exact patients.

Avanir, you are the tyrants this Tuesday.

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