Weed Stocks on the Toronto Stock Exchange

Weed for sale...on the Canadian Stock Market!

Last summer, the Toronto Stock Exchange started to list cannabis based companies on their exchange, peaking the interest of young activists and regular tokers.  Ontario revealed in August plans to open 135 government-run pot shops and allow online sales of cannabis. This move has helped fuel the price of cannabis company stocks as more and more millennials and people in their 30's see this as big business with tons of money to be made.

"I found penny stocks and at the same time, I realized the marijuana industry was starting to boom, and the government is going to legalize."

Vice News spoke with young investors who said they wanted to make money in the short term so they could then invest in stocks proven to be safer like Apple. Some experts say this industry is still too volatile to invest in, but the three young investors were willing to risk their savings to make a quick buck.  

"Obviously, for people like us, coming from the bottom of the food chain, we need something with high risk and high reward because what are you risking when you’re at the bottom?"

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