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4 Simple Steps To Start Saving for Retirement

One of the most dreaded words in our English language, "retirement". Ok, maybe I'm being a little dramatic but hear me out. Does your heart rate start to go up when you think about saving money or how much to "put away" each month in case of emergency? If you're like me I start to sweat...and next thing I know I'm knee deep in an Excel spreadsheet trying to craft what my financial outcome will be in a year. Seems like I never have enough disposable income to save for an emergency let alone retirement, but there are little steps we can all take.

Recently, our team members were meeting with a group of college students ranging from sophomores to seniors, discussing the topic of small dollar investing.

One student said "We know we need to invest, we just don't know where to start."

I think this is how most of us feel but instead of doing something about it, we simply do nothing. MarketWatch has four easy steps you can take to start saving or investing. Here are two...

  1. Want vs. Need - Make a list of the items and services you purchase each month. Do you really need all those things to live?
  2. Don't mistake material possessions for a sign of wealth. Does it make sense to buy a luxury car and rent an apartment? Definitely not.

Read all four on MarketWatch or leave a comment below.

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