Hands-off, socially responsible investing.

Give your spare change a purpose.

You don’t have to care about the stock market. You just have to care about something. Puppies, or trees,
or even humans will do. Every time you spend money, Balance automatically rounds up the extra change and
invests it into companies that care about the things you care about.


Lower carbon footprint, sustainable technology, better environmental impact. Just say goodbye to those fossil fuels!

Sustainable Products

Because toxic products with toxic waste are bad for everyone.

Promoting Peace

No companies that make weapons or ammunition, or profit from conflict in foreign countries.

Human Rights

Protecting indigenous peoples and practicing mindful business within any
war zones. Justice for all!

Animal Rights

No testing on animals! And caring about how animals raised for food are treated.


Inclusion of everyone. Emphasis on equal hiring and pay practices for women and minorities.

Look ma! No hands!

Make a difference without leaving your couch.

We do the work, so you don’t have to. You spend money, we round up the change, and invest it for you. Every purchase you make, invests in your future. Choose what you care about. Let ‘er dance.

Invest in your lifestyle.
Invest in yourself.

Set your values

We do the work, so you don’t have to. Choose what you care about and we
do the rest.

Connect a card

We auto-round the spare change from your purchases and invest them into socially responsible ETF's.

Dance in cash

Every purchase you make invests in your future. Social Impact, financial

Investing is hard. We make it easy.

This sounds amazing!
How do I get Balance?

Our Beta program is closed, but Balance will be available to the general public soon. If you’d like a chance to be a Beta user,
subscribe to our newsletter below and we’ll offer you more information and updates.

No Bull$hit. Only Balance.

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